Estate Planning

Are you concerned about how to preserve, protect, and distribute your wealth?

Isler of Klamath Falls’ estate tax planning expertise will help you develop and achieve efficient wealth management and transfer strategies to meet your personal and business goals.

How can Isler’s estate planning expertise specifically benefit me?

Our professionals take a comprehensive view of your estate and your wealth transfer goals and plans. We will first help you establish a game plan for transferring your personal assets and then assist you in making informed decisions that enable you to achieve these objectives in a tax efficient manner. As we work closely with you to formulate realistic wealth transfer goals and objectives, we will also help you design a sound estate plan that allows you to control the transfer of your wealth according to your personal desires. Like some others, you may prefer a trusted, personal relationship in administering the affairs of your estate, and our professionals may be able to assist you in certain trustee and administration functions to see that your wishes are fulfilled.

Why do I need Isler’s professional guidance in planning my personal estate affairs?

The ultimate benefit of a properly designed estate plan is the assurance that family members and other beneficiaries receive appropriate assets in an orderly and efficient manner. Our professional guidance will also bring you peace of mind and satisfaction in knowing that your wealth transfer objectives are achieved according to your wishes, with minimal estate tax consequences and administrative costs.

What are the consequences of not seeking Isler’s estate planning expertise?

Perhaps the most common negative consequence of improper guidance in estate planning matters is the transfer of one’s wealth to tax agencies instead of to preferred beneficiaries, including family members. Without an orderly and efficient plan, wealth transfer efforts are typically more costly and time-consuming, causing families needless frustration and anxiety. Those who initially or eventually seek our guidance will be pleased to find that appropriate measures can be taken to set you on a sound course to accomplishing your estate planning objectives

Be sure to consult an Isler professional about your estate planning matters. We will help you develop a successful wealth transfer plan and encourage you to see estate planning as a lifetime exercise and a dynamic process that is best begun early in your lifetime.